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river is a performance project, which examines the choreographic potential of the notion of embodiment without a human corpse and corporeality. The aim of the project is to build understanding how the notion of embodiment operates, and how it can be materialized when the starting point is elsewhere than in human corporeality. river examines a non-binary science-fictional body in queer universes in which the body is constantly in its becoming-other, re-shapeshifting and out-of-place over and over again. In this inquiry the materiality of embodiment becomes virtual, imaginary, and relational.

The project continues my work on ‘astroembodied choreostructions’, in which the questions of embodiment are extended beyond human spatial scale towards intergalactic and cosmic dimensions. The working process is in dialogue with contemporary science-fiction, cyberpunk, and queer space studies, and it welcomes superheroes, artificial intelligence bodies, aliens, monsters, and radically other speculative bodies. Thus the project materializes the question of how to choreograph and perform the friction, tension, and potential of the movement in between the notions of dis/embodiment and human corporeality.

In process during 2018.

Camera: Vincent Roumagnac

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