ri:vr is a performance installation that emerges at the intersection of queer-ed spaces/bodies and interplanetary culture. The project belongs to the corpus of works  which I call ‘astroembodied choreostructions’; a series of choreographic works in which the questions of corporeality and embodiment materialize, beyond the human spatial scale, towards and in, an interplanetary dimension.

In dialogue with contemporary science fiction, game art, queer theory, and monstrology, the process of creation is also informed by its geographic and cultural context; here a two-month residence on the banks of the river Seine in Paris, at the Cité international des arts. The process evolves through the entanglement of planetary movements, torrential satellite-bound data flow, and cellular becomings conditioned by algorithmic wire-speed.


The performance presents an altered body as an incoherent place produced by the collision of various streams, fluxes and flows in presence: those aquatic and glaucous along the riverbank nearby the residency, those running through the surrounding and incorporated electrical and algorithmic systems, and those, tentacular and apotropaic, ancient and reminiscent, of a qweirdly revisited myth of monster with living venomous snakes in place of hair.

ri:vr is the second part of the astrotrilogy which was started by pompom, which was realized in Tokyo and Helsinki during 2017/18.


The raw material of ri:vr will be prepared during the residency in La Cité internationale des arts in Paris in March-April 2019.

The project continues my collaboration with French artist Vincent Roumagnac.

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland



ri:vr on esityksellinen installaatioprojekti jonka lähtökohtina ovat kokemuksellinen vino tila, ja interplanetaarisuuden kulttuuri. Projekti jatkaa työtäni ‘astroruumiillisten koreostruktioiden’ parissa, joissa kysymykset ruumiillisuuden ja materiaalisuuden välisistä suhteista laajenevat ihmisen kokoisen ja kestoisen mittakaavan yli.


ri:vr on osa astrotrilogiaa, jonka ensimmäinen osa pompom toteutui 2017/18 Tokiossa ja Helsingissä.

Valmistelen projektia La Cité internationale des arts -residenssissä Pariisissa maalis-huhtikuussa 2019 yhdessä ranskalaistaiteilija Vincent Roumagnacin kanssa.

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