Choreography as Reading Practice

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Doctoral project’s final installation, Helsinki, 2019.

In his doctoral Artistic Research project conducted in Tutke/Theatre Academy (2013-2019) choreographer Simo Kellokumpu introduces the notion and practice of choreoreading, which brings new perspectives to making choreographic art. His choreographic work aligns with the notions of  place, space, context, and site specific art practices, meanwhile expanding their scale into interplanetary relations.

Choreography as Reading Practice is presented for public examination on Saturday, September 14th 2019 at 12 o’clock at the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy. The examination takes place in the Theatre Academy’s Studio 2 in an installation that displays all artworks of the doctoral research project. The installation includes scheduled performances that are open to the public.




Opponents are PhD, philosopher Victoria Pérez Royo (University of Zaragoza) and choreographer, researcher Rebecca Hilton (University of Arts Stockholm). Custos of the examination is Professor in Artistic Research Leena Rouhiainen.

The doctoral research is published on the international database for artistic research Research Catalogue 10 days prior to the public examination as part of the Theatre Academy’s Acta Scenica series.




List of installed and performed works:

pompom: videoinstallation, 3-channels video-loop (29’), digital manga (loop 5’), original manga booklet, by Simo Kellokumpu, Vincent Roumagnac and Nao Yazawa, Tokyo (2018) – Realized with the technical help of Paul Flanders

A guest: photographic installation, photography: Vincent Roumagnac, light boxes: Heikki Paasonen, Helsinki (2014/5)

Mesh: video (1’46) Camera: Vincent Roumagnac, Helsinki (2014)

Hiding#4: video (5’), Camera: Vincent Roumagnac, performers: Hanna Järvinen, Annika Fredriksson, Elina Raitasalo, Teija Löytönen, Laura Viertola, Theatre Academy (2016)

Seasons as Choreographers: Where Over the World is Astronaut Scott Kelly? Installation, wallpaper (image: V. Roumagnac), slide show (loop 17’), photography, locker, spacesuit, mattress, table, chair, desktop, sound recording, Theatre Academy (2016)

The sound material of the installation is an edited recording from the live broadcast of the departure of Scott Kelly and his colleagues from the International Space Station on 1.3.2016, before returning to the Earth.

A Dance Mat: durational solo performance, Theatre Academy (2016)

#CHARP: performance documentation (loop 15’), Research Pavilion, Venice (2017), with Outi Condit, Paula Kramer and Vincent Roumagnac

Performances in the installation: #CHARP_solo (Liminal Space Opera) (ca. 60’), Spring Days of Performing Arts Research Centre Kiasma-museum Helsinki, (2018) / pompom, Tokas Tokyo, Hiap Helsinki (2017/8)

Realization of the installation: Vincent Roumagnac, Simo Kellokumpu, Paul Flanders and Technical Production Services –team (Tepa) of the Theatre Academy

Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Niilo Helander Foundation, Jenny ja Antti Wihuri Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Performing Arts Research Centre Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS), Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP)



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