“Now it is the pandemic year 2021. I am in a fell in the northern hemisphere in Finnish Lapland. I open the satellite tracking application and select a moving point on the screen, confirm the direction, and try to walk for a short time with that moving point. The vertical distance to it is over… Continue reading SATELLITE


“…in your hands you have an Invitation. It’s the first part of a four-act plunge that leads you to a place called kosmosomsok. The invitation includes a few guidelines and questions that we hope you will follow and review according to your curiosity and interest. The invitation is the route, the course and directions of… Continue reading KOSMOSOMSOK


xeno-/exo-/astro -choreoreadings is a post doctoral artistic research project, which delves into the choreoreading practice and research questions that re-open site- and place-responsive choreographic practices by taking the scale of the notions of ‘site’ and ‘place’ to outer space. The research process is multidisciplinary and hybrid in nature and it produces artworks, traces and reflections.… Continue reading xeno/exo/astro-choreoreadings

OUMUAMUA_Gravity Escape

It arrived on October 19, 2017. By that time, the flies had already disappeared and several swallows had collided with my bedroom window. October evenings were warm. Rick Deckard's words brush softly my lips: "Sometimes to love someone, you got to be a stranger." Oumuamua_Gravity Escape is a choreographic installation that shifts the geo-centered human… Continue reading OUMUAMUA_Gravity Escape

Home Interplanetary Life Lab (HILL)

Home Interplanetary Life Lab (HILL) is a three-month home-residency project from April to June 2020 during the pandemic launched and funded by Kone Foundation. During the residency, I collect visual and choreographic material from space, exoplanets and astrobiological sources, observe stars, and create embodied experiments stemming from these elements. This process continues my work with… Continue reading Home Interplanetary Life Lab (HILL)

Choreography as Reading Practice

Doctoral project's final installation, Helsinki, 2019. In his doctoral Artistic Research project conducted in Tutke/Theatre Academy (2013-2019) choreographer Simo Kellokumpu introduces the notion and practice of choreoreading, which brings new perspectives to making choreographic art. His choreographic work aligns with the notions of  place, space, context, and site specific art practices, meanwhile expanding their scale… Continue reading Choreography as Reading Practice


Last episode of the astrotrilogy, åstra is a third performance installation that forms and transforms like the two first parts at the intersection of queer-ed spaces/bodies and interplanetary culture. Complementing pompom (Tokyo 2017-18) and ri:vr (Paris 2019), åstra (San Fransisco 2019-20) continues to explore 'astroembodied choreostructions', which is a term that describes my works in… Continue reading åstra


ri:vr is a performance installation that emerges at the intersection of queer-ed spaces/bodies and interplanetary culture. The project belongs to the corpus of works  which I call 'astroembodied choreostructions'; a series of choreographic works in which the questions of corporeality and embodiment materialize, beyond the human spatial scale, towards and in, an interplanetary dimension. In… Continue reading ri:vr

Atmospheric Choreography: exoplanets

Atmospheric Choreography: exoplanets is a speculative choreography project, which explores the practice of choreography in exoplanetary conditions.  Project explores the questions such as: How does the scientific exoplanetary object become lived place in the artistic process? How to embody the exolanetary conditions? What kind of choreographic emerges from these conditions? The project extends the history… Continue reading Atmospheric Choreography: exoplanets


choreographic installation in collaboration with Vincent Roumagnac (FR) and Nao Yazawa (JAP) pompom is a project which starts and takes place in Tokyo Arts and Space –residency from September to November 2017. The work brings together Kellokumpu’s choreographic practice, Roumagnac’s visual staging, and Yazawa’s practice as manga-artist. The collaborative project is based on the questions… Continue reading pompom

shapeshifter (the Yoro series, the Kyoto series and the Tokyo series)

During the three month residency period in Tokyo Arts and Space residency in the autumn 2017, I have encountered various cultural tectonic movements. Some of these cultural invisible movements produce a difference that awakes an intimate alien, which is not coextensive with the outer space. Shapeshifter (the Yōrō series) was shot in Yōrō in Gifu Prefecture,… Continue reading shapeshifter (the Yoro series, the Kyoto series and the Tokyo series)

Cracks – Macau

Cracks is a collaborative project of four artists processing site-specific and place-responsive proposals for the program of Macau City Fringe festival 2018 in three different locations in Macau. Contextual and situational process generated several proposals, and the group performed individual and collective proposals within the festival week. In terms of urban dynamics, the sites were… Continue reading Cracks – Macau


 #CHARP forms with planetary and intergalactic movements and extends the history of site-specificity towards interplanetary scale. The work explores contextual, situational, planetary, and intergalactic movements that set the conditions for the choreographic embodiment to emerge. How to take place in and with the movements that extend from microscopic beyond telescopic vision? How to embody (hyper-) reading… Continue reading #CHARP


spof refers to ‘single point of failure’. This point or flaw produces ‘spoffing’ and a spof. Simultaneously, spoffing relates to the rotational axis of the planet Earth, which is approximately 23,5°. Thus spof is a choreographic experiment with the relation between place and space, between the sense of place and sense of space, and between… Continue reading spof


Meteor is a project which combines an artistic research essay and a Twitter -account PlanetaryMovements, which is also printed as a publication. The project is an inquiry to the choreographic techno-eco-somatic practice, which explores the relation between the immediacy of the somatic practice and the hypermediacy of tweeting. How does the choreographic and choreographic language… Continue reading Meteor

Choreography as reading practice – research workshop / Critical Path / Sydney

‘Choreography as reading practice’ indicates to that history of Choreography in which choreographic practice is understood as a writing practice. In my doctoral artistic research project I examine choreography as a reading practice based on the artistic and practical shift that has happened in my choreographic practice when it comes to thinking about the situational… Continue reading Choreography as reading practice – research workshop / Critical Path / Sydney

A matfighter

A dancemat is commonly used object in the studios and stages in the field of performing arts. A dancemat offers a techno-industrial plane, which rubs off and erases the characteristics of the surface beneath it attempting to homogenize the surface of the space. It offers a feeling of safety and it is an ideal plane… Continue reading A matfighter

A shadowcatcher

”This morning the ice- and snow-covered Kilpisjärvi is in incessant movement. It magnetizes me. I dress up the overalls, take the poles and walk on the ice.” The assemblage of the human, nature and movement is present in various scales in the biological station, in which the Ars Bioarctica residency takes place. Diagrams, charts and… Continue reading A shadowcatcher

Ars Bioarctica Residency

I spent 27.3. - 9.4.2016 in Kilpisjärvi in Ars Bioarctica Residency. During the residency period I experimented with the relations in between my body and the arctic circumstances. Here are two experiments that I processed within the residency period: Snowsmosis and The statistics of throwing a snowball. Residency blog: FIN Työskentelin koreografisten tutkimuskysymysteni parissa… Continue reading Ars Bioarctica Residency

A Dance Mat

revolutionary abstraction rolled utopia bulldozing cliché rubbed atlas something else A dance studio is a place, which is considered as one of the places where a choreographer works. This project examines one particular material object often used in the dance studios: a dancemat. A dancemat offers a techno-industrial plane, which rubs off and erases the… Continue reading A Dance Mat


Mesh is shot in Töölönlahti in Helsinki. In the doctoral artistic research project, this video examines the choreographic and embodied relation and interdependence in between the notions of place and space. As a place, Töölönlahti can be described as a popular recreation ground. From the localizing movements of Töölönlahti, I got interested in what happens in… Continue reading Mesh

Seasons as Choreographers: Where Over the World is Astronaut Scott Kelly?

Seasons as Choreographers: Where Over the World is Astronaut Scott Kelly? is a choreographic installation project that took place from March 2015 to March 2016. Seasons offer, set conditions, cause and enable various kind of experiences and ways of moving. Understood like this they can be considered as choreographic agencies. In the project, a choreographer… Continue reading Seasons as Choreographers: Where Over the World is Astronaut Scott Kelly?