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I am a finnish (born in Lapland) artist, choreographer and a doctoral fellow in Artistic Research in the Performing Arts Research Centre in the University of the Arts Helsinki.  In my artistic works I examine the relations in between choreographic thinking, simultaneous multidirectional movement, dis-/embodiment, corporeality and materiality in various scales and contexts from algorithmic to galactic, and beyond. In the field of contemporary art my artistic work finds its place in the framework of posthuman visual culture.

My artistic practice is currently evolving in the process of my doctoral artistic research -project, which examines the choreographic relations, interconnectedness and reciprocity of movement, corporeality, embodiment, place, space, and context. The starting point is on the question how a chosen cultural context operates as a choreographic atmosphere. The research-project articulates how my artistic practice shifts from a contextual choreographic practice to an atmospheric one and how this shift is produced by the movement from the practice of a choreographer towards the practice of a choreoreader. The primary method for the research is choreographic practice. In the research  choreography operates simultaneously as an analytical device, problem to be examined, and as an artistic outcome. My doctoral artistic research project, and practice, introduces how choreographic practice can be understood as a hyper-reading practice, which means a specific embodied choreographic practice that de- and re-codes the transforming circumstances that choreographs my body. The starting points for the definition of reading in this choreographic research are: 1) reading as artistic practice is something else than reading understood as decoding the literal two-dimensional text with the movements of the eyes, 2) reading does not mean reading written signs and symbols but reading movements in various registers that surround the human body and makes the human body move, 3) reading happens through embodied de- and re-coding of these surrounding movements and their relations and 4) reading produces artistic forms and traces, and in choreographic terms potential to writing.

By hyper-reading I do not mean only the skill to de- and re-code a certain number of surrounding movements, but it includes also the imaginative and wild act of putting them into an artistic relation between themselves in order to produce meaning and imagination. The doctoral research project is supervised by Ph.D., choreographer Michael Kliën, Duke University, Durham, and prof. Jan Kaila, Fine Arts Academy, Helsinki





Olen Helsingissä asuva taiteilija, koreografi ja tohtorikoulutettava Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulun Esittävien taiteiden tutkimuskeskuksessa. Taiteellisen praktiikkani perustana on  laajasti ymmärretyn liikkeen, koreografisen praktiikan ja ajattelun, ja science-fictionin risteymien tutkiminen. Nykytaiteen alueella työni sijoittuvat posthumanistisen visuaalisen kulttuurin viitekehykseen. Käynnissä oleva tohtorintutkintoon johtava taiteellinen tutkimusprojektini keskittyy koreografian, kontekstin, tilan, paikan, ruumiin, ja liikkeen välisten suhteiden tarkasteluun.